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standard_astigmatism_wheel.jpgAll Correct, Natural Relaxed Vision Habits; Shifting, Central-Fixation, (Centralizing) Relaxation…

and Natural Eyesight Improvement Activities Remove Astigmatism.


Shifting on round objects; a ball, globe, circle keeps the eye and cornea in its normal healthy,
round, even shape for correct focus of light rays onto the eyes retina.

The astigmatism wheel tests for astigmatism. 

Shifting, tracing on the lines, circles on the wheels helps to remove astigmatism.

See wheel diagrams on the right and below.
Print the astigmatism wheels large on 8 x 11 paper for practice at far and closer distances.
Print a small copy for practice at close and reading distances up to 3, 2 inches from eyes.

Place the wheel at eye level.
Stand and look at the wheel.
Shift, trace on the lines, circles.
Shift, trace on one line or circle at a time.
Use correct vision habits.

Example; shift on the horizontal line.
Move the eyes, center of the visual field left and right along the line.

Move the head/face with the eyes.
Remember, imagine the line dark black, straight and clear.
Do this with the eyes; open, closed, open.
Practice with both eyes together, then one eye at a time, only left, then only right…, then with both eyes together again.

Next; practice on a vertical or diagonal line.
Practice on all the lines one line at a time.
Remember to use central fixation; see one small part of the line darkest black and clearest at a time in the center of the visual field.
The center  of the visual field moves with the eyes as the eyes move, shift/trace from part to part.

Now; practice on the circles, one circle at a time.
Trace (move the center of the visual field) on the black ink around a circle counterclockwise and clockwise.
Shift on a circle; top and bottom, left and right, diagonally...

Move the head/face with the eyes.
Shift, trace a circle and remember, imagine the circle dark black, clear and perfectly round.
Practice with the eyes open, closed, open.
Practice with both eyes, one eye at a time, then both eyes together again.

(The circle may appear oval; the width or the height too long if the eyes contain astigmatism and/or it may appear uneven, wavy, some areas clear, some areas blurry...)
Imagining the circle round, dark black, clear removes the astigmatism and it will eventually be seen round and clear.
Use central fixation; see one small part of the circle darkest black and clearest at a time in the center of the visual field.

Shift or trace continually, relaxed from part to part on the circle.
The clear center of the visual field moves with the eyes from part to part.

When the vision is unclear, contains astigmatism, other conditions, the person might tend to avoid moving the eyes in specific directions.
This cause’s eye muscle tension, more astigmatism, blur.
Shifting, tracing on the circles, and on the lines horizontally, vertical, diagonally gets the eyes moving easily in any direction, relaxes the eye muscles, improves eye muscle function, and brings the eye, cornea to its correct round, smooth, even shape for removal of astigmatism and, also improves convergence, divergence, accommodation, un-accommodation and the clarity of vision.

Keep the astigmatism wheel charts on a wall at home, work and glance at them sometimes (shift, remember, imagine it dark black, clear, correct shape) to keep the vision clear.

It is normal for the eye to experience a tiny bit of temporary astigmatism occasionally.
This is due to the cornea being an added shape to the round eye.
The shape of the eye, cornea can also change frequently, causing a little astigmatism temporarily due to stress, diet, squinting, staring...

Practice Astigmatism Swings with the Nosefeather.
Try Tracing, Shifting on the Lines with Pictures. See videos above and Pictures below;

                                                                                         Astigmatism Chart - Tracing, Shifting, Swings 1

                                                                                            Astigmatism Chart - Tracing, Shifting, Swings 1


The standard astigmatism wheel on the top right side of the page is used by eye doctors to determine if the eyes contain astigmatism.
The patient is told to look at the dot in the center of the wheel while at the same time trying to see all the lines around the wheel with the peripheral vision to determine if any of the lines are less clear than other lines, wavy, light...
The standard astigmatism wheel is not a accurate test for astigmatism.
Many people that do not have astigmatism experience temporary astigmatism when looking at the wheel in this manner.
Trying to see all the lines in the peripheral field equally clear at the same time and also; looking at the dot in the center of the wheel while trying to see all the lines in the peripheral field is abnormal, prevents central fixation, shifting, relaxation, movement and causes staring, diffusion, mental strain, eyestrain, eye muscle tension, blur and astigmatism.

The correct way to see the lines on the standard astigmatism wheel clear is to;
+ Look directly at the lines, one line at a time to see the lines clear; eyes, head/face, directed at the line.
+Look at one line at a time and place the part of the line the eyes are looking at in the center of the visual field.
+See one line, one small part of a line clearest at a time in the center of the visual field.
+Shift on the line; move the eyes, center of the visual field from part to part on the line by tracing back and forth along the line or by shifting from point to point on the line; part to part in any direction.
+Shift from line to line; look at one line, then a different line, then another.
The clear center of the visual field moves with the eyes from line to line, part to part keeping each line, each part the eyes look at in the center of the visual field and perfectly clear.
Move the head/face, body with the eyes as the eyes move on the lines.
Blink, breathe abdominally, relax, think a pleasant thought.

+ Do not try to see other lines in the peripheral field as clear as the line that the eyes are looking at.

The Natural Eyesight Improvement astigmatism wheel does not have a dot in the center.
This allows the eyes to move completely along the line, across the wheel, through the center of the wheel;  left and right, up and down, diagonally...
The eyes can also jump about to any area of the wheel, from line to line in any direction.

The imaginary nosefeather (see previous chapter on correct vision habits, shifting) can be used to trace on the lines, trace counterclockwise, clockwise on the circles and to shift point to point on the lines and circles.

The long swing and other activities also remove astigmatism.
The diagrams below also remove astigmatism, blur.

Astigmatism prescriptions in eyeglasses, contacts cause and increase astigmatism. Eye doctors now use a machine to test for astigmatism, blur (which the eye exam can cause temporarily). This insures legally being able to prescribe astigmatism sections in the eyeglasses. This leads to extreme eye muscle tension, imbalance, abnormal eye, cornea shape, fast increased vision impairment, retina, lens damage and sales of eye surgeries, drugs, lifetime use of eye drops.

Incorrect posture of the eyes, head/face, neck, shoulders and body can cause eye muscle tension, imbalance resulting in one or more eye muscles pressing on the eye, altering the eye/cornea's shape causing astigmatism. Avoid constantly looking out of the corners, sides, top, bottom of the eyes. Avoid tilting, twisting the head, neck, shoulders, body. Keep the shoulders, head even. Avoid typing, watching TV with the head tilted left, right or angled in awkward positions. This imbalances the eyes and eye muslces movement, coordination. See the posture chapter on the website; , and in the book 'Do It Yourself - Natural Eyesight Improvement' ;   Download this here Free here;

The Alexander Technique is helpful;

Read articles on the internet about the twisted, tilted... posture of violinists resulting in unclear vision and astigmatism.  For PDF - Click Here

                                                                                                                                                                    Trace inward clockwise and outward counterclockwise_with_the_eyes__nosefeather.jpg      

                                                                                                                                                              Trace inward counterclockwise and outward_clockwise_with_the_eyes__nosefeather.jpg





More practices are in our e-books. View free on the GoogleBooks Page

The Variable Swing and Other Swings; For Clear Eyesight, Astigmatism Removal

Read more information, discussions on the GuestPage;
and 2 discussions in this section;




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